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My name is Attila Nagy. I was born in 1972. I live in Hungary with my wife

My labor of love is book canvassing.
When I had the chance, money and time I was always dealing with evangelism, selling and giving books away.

I research and love Ellen Gould White's writings; I created a web site in Hungarian in connection with this.

In 1992 I got to know the Adventist Church and was baptized in 1994.
Over the past 20 years, I went through a lot, it happened, that  my belief sagged, but the Good Lord brought me back to the right path, the path of righteousness and peace.

I love and I know the people on the street. The beggars, the homeless people, the black marketer who often don’t even know, what they are risking.

I like to go against the rolling crowd with Bible in my hand. I like to smile at the rushing people and ask them to slow down and have few minutes of rest, and talk about Jesus.

With the Gospel Worker program, I would like
to put into practice a simple recognition.

The world is in crisis.
Not only an economic crisis but also the social and spiritual crisis burdens the people.

Here in Hungary the minimum wage is about 220 Euros. Many people have trouble making a living, and don’t give out any money for books.

People are hungry for good words, hungry for love, for peace. And they hate everybody who wants to force anything on them on the street, luring money out of their pockets.

Therefore, a gift to be given, because it's surprising, unusual, thought-provoking and will distract people from everyday rush.

Therefore, I am asking for a little help from everyone
to achieve a dream together.

I give myself and my experience with the people on the street.
You give a symbolic amount, only 1 EUR or as much as your heart dictates.

So together we will be providing the background, so we can give away gift books about the life of Jesus, and His coming.

Any help is appreciated,
May God bless you in your life.

UniCredit Bank :10918001-00000073-33950013

Kind Regards Attila Nagy

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Gospel Worker 2014 Keresztény Alapítvány
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UniCredit Bank :10918001-00000073-33950013

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1 euro or

$ 1 donation
can mean for others a gift book, a Bible, a successful children's camp or a plate of hot food.