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Application with the purpose of stopping poverty

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Application with the purpose of stopping poverty, using alternative methods and raising public awareness.



Gospel worker 2014 Christian foundation works in Hungary and completes social work. The name ‘Christian’ points to serving people with faith, love and patience, like Jesus did. We are independent from church organization and will stay as such.

We started our social work in Székesfehérvár, Hungary but soon expanded far beyond local county. In 2016 we supported local Crisis center (homeless shelter), Women’s shelter, Family shelter. Delivered food to homeless in Székesfehérvár.

In Kisbér we helped needy families.

Supported disability camp, summer Bible camp.

Continually provided food for more than 40 families.

We helped HETI BETEVŐ with bakery, giving out food to 180-250 needy per occasion.

We joined forces with BIKE MAFFIA EGYESÜLET (organization) whose local branch, FEHÉRVÁR BIKE MAFFIA, is still helping to deliver food to the hungry families.

4 local bakeries supported the needy, we also had 10 volunteers to support the work. Local government provides storage facility for a well reduced rental price.

By December 31, 2016 we provided food worth of HUF 6 136 000.(20 110,12 EUR)

Work continued in 2017. We received clothe donations, home cleaning equipment and food which were passed on to the needy. We would like to be more productive and this is why are looking for help.

In the first half of the year we distributed food worth of HUF 2 200 000.(7 210,28 EUR)

In 2017-2018 we would like to tackle poverty with new methods and better equipment.

Our goal is to prevent growth of poverty by raising awareness with contemporary methods and equipment . We want to direct public attention to potential dangers which consequences are  today’s isolated life styles, society without goal and values, with increasing number of poor who are endlessly chasing dreams and losing self awareness. We want to get to the point where the program becomes self sustainable and generating public support. For this we need better equipment and employment of new methods, approaches.

Delivery vehicle

Our organization collects and distributes food products. Up till now it was collected and taken to the base by volunteers using their private transport. However this is not allowed by law. The foundation needs to have its own closed vehicle for food deliveries. This is why we would like to purchase a 3 person closed van/vehicle so we can be more productive in our work.

Free monthly magazine

1.            Based on our last years’ experience we’ve noticed that poverty is not formed by only lack of money but also because of a different/specific way of thinking. People lose their priorities. Unreal dreams, TV programs, magazines become more important than hygiene, personal responsibility, respect for own family and work. They lose site of those priorities that secures their place in society. It is important to communicate the right information.

2.            Our experience also showed that there are people who are ready to support such work. However information about our work and needs hardly reaches these people. With the right means we could easier reach and encourage them to donate and in turn ensure financial support and success of our foundation.

3.            Business owners think twice before they spend their money. It is important to have correct marketing strategy and advertising campaign.

Taking these 3 points into considerations an idea of a free life style magazine was born which would contain articles that would help people to rediscover basic values in life. Piece of mind, healthy life style, advice on eating habits, pastime, financial guidance, leading family and upbringing children... and all of this in a form of a colored 8-12 page free magazine. It would be read not only by the unfortunate ones but also by potential sponsors. Magazine will not only help to find financial supporters but also volunteers who in turn will help the cause.

In return we will make sure to place our sponsor’s logo on the pages of the magazine. Adverts can be placed at highly reduced price since the goal is not profit but to raise enough funding to cover printing costs.

In this way with more than 10 000 copies of our magazine we can form a large group of readers, investors and can cover the printing costs by placing adverts at reduced price. We cannot expect to generate enough donations to support the magazine in the first months. And this is why we are asking for help.


Video studio

Public media, FaceBook, YouTube are driving society to share their thoughts not in written but in a visual form. We want to approach this group of people with videos by showing our work and preparing interviews. In this way we can reach younger generation, isolated individuals, those who spend most of their time in front of computers and could not be reached in any other way.

We need help to convert a part of our office into a video studio, equip it with video cameras, lighting and sound equipment.


Used transport/van: HUF 450 000

Vehicle documentation, admin fees: HUF 70 000

Yearly fuel cost: HUF 30 000 p.m X 12 = HUF 360 000

4K resolution capable video camera: HUF 270 000

Sound equipment: HUF 100 000

Lighting equipment: HUF 80 000

Free A4, 12 page magazine. 10 000 copies: HUF 280 000 p.c.m.

According to our calculations it will take 6 months for the magazine to become self sustainable.

To support it for the 6 months: HUF 280 000 X 6 = HUF1 680 000

Totál: 3 010 000 HUF (9 864,97 EUR)


Please support our work and let people rediscover the

values that will keep them in the society.




Any help is appreciated,
May God bless you in your life.

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Gospel Worker 2014 Keresztény Alapítvány
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UniCredit Bank :10918001-00000073-33950013


Kind Regards Attila Nagy

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