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Dear brethren in Christ Jesus !

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Dear brethren  in Christ Jesus !

My name is Attila Nagy , I live in Hungary with my wife . Because of the urge of Good God we developed a simple program that can help us to preach the Gospels, Jesus’s return,  the huge work of God and the wisdom of the Creator  more effectively in Hungary.


But help is needed for realization.  I am not ashamed to ask for  help because I know that my brothers and sisters are reading this letter.

When you have seen the website and you can accept  the program, you can help for the realization.

We  pray here in Hungary ,  and we also take the street services and social work.

You  can also pray for the success of the program in your home .

There are two tasks what we commend:

1. Pray that the Gospel Worker program will be successful - thanks for all the support

2. Help to send this  the Gospel Worker program to more brethren

If you have friends not only in your own congregation , but also in other communities and other countries , then please forward this letter as many places as you can.

There are link collections in every country, so if you recommend the Gospel Worker program – 2014 to place it on their site, you give enormous help to carry out the work.

I believe after Ellen Gould White's writings that we are not the other person's conscience. We can not decide that who, when and how does someone  support the gospels .

But they can only decide about it if they have enough information.

I’m not chasing naive dreams , but if only 10 % of the christians  think that 1 Euro, a
symbolic amount  supports the Gospel Worker program, then it could be an enormous help for our mission!

In the area of the North American , in the United States and Canada are co-religionist waiting for the coming of the Lord Jesus .  Many siblings live in all parts of the world , in Australia, South America and Asia – who has the opportunity to support the mission  with 1 Euro or 1 Dollar.

I believe in the power of cooperation .

I believe that there are brethrens who are willing to donate even just a symbolic amount of one euro to a „Street mission” in Hungary. What I don’t know is that who are these brothers and where they live.

The Good Lord knows , and will incline EVERYBODY.

Thank you in advance for the help and the prayers .

The Good God bless your ministry .

Any help is appreciated,
May God bless you in your life.

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Kind Regards Attila Nagy

látogató számláló

Gospel Worker 2014 Keresztény Alapítvány
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UniCredit Bank :10918001-00000073-33950013


Support the program even with the smallest amount!

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1 euro or

$ 1 donation
can mean for others a gift book, a Bible, a successful children's camp or a plate of hot food.